Dubai impound ships suspected in cable damage

Date: Tue, 08 Apr 2008 17:10:21 -0700
From: Jeff Shultz <>

Deepak Jain wrote:
> There is no reason to assume these are civilian satellites. Any one
> of a number of affected or interested countries could have provided
> the imagery (or ship information) to Reliance. Its not saying *who*
> analyzed the images. :wink:
> Then again, how are ship's captains supposed to know *where* they
> are allowed to drop anchor? Is there a "Call before you drop"
> anchor service similar to "call before you dig?"

Anchorages are normally VERY clearly marked on maritime navigation

Speaking as a former "conning officer" (The person giving orders to the
helmsman and engines), anchorage charts (NOT maps, CHARTS) are quite
clearly marked showing things on the bottom of the ocean, where not to
drop anchor, where it is OK to drop anchor, what the hazards are, where
they are, how accurately the hazard is charted, et al...

In addition, if the anchorage is w/in "coastal waters", usually a pilot
is required for any ship movement. And a pilot is required to know
EVERYthing about the ocean and environs to safely conn a ship to port.

Again, the captain is not required to slavishly follow the pilot's
recommendations, but he'd better have a darn good reason for NOT
following them - especially, as in this case, if something untoward

Gregory Hicks