Howdy y'all

Chasing some info, does dlink still sell DAS4672 - 672 port adsl2+ dslams?

after simple IP based units with pppoe pass through.
We could buy a bunch of planet 48 ports, which we used before, but we
hoping someone still puts out high capacity (320 plus port) units with
inbuilt pots splitters


Not sure about 320+ ports. But I’ve used the Huawei MA5616 with decent success. They’ve got 32 port ADSL2+ (And VDSL) line cards that give you 128 ports per chassis. POTS passthrough per card.

Don’t expect any support. Pretty sure they’re not intended for the US market.

Found this one:


Stating EOL 2015-04-14 for HW revision A1.


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—Dennis Lundström

That’s a tough one. 48 port dslams with internal splitters are easy. When you’re looking for more density you’re almost always looking at external splitter shelves. Could also look at the calix c7 platform – tons around on the used market – but then again, no splitters.

I’d recommend avoiding the C7 - ADSL2+ performance on them isn’t the best. Look for something with a Broadcom chipset. Even an old Calix B6 would be better than C7 - although the B6 gear is getting old, and reliability is sketchy. The power converter modules on board seem to go.

Thanks all for the input, huawei is ruled out due to politics, looks
like for costs we'll stick to the 48 ports from planet