DSL Subscriber management

Hello Nanog!

i just would like to see how other operators are handling
broadband/DSL subscribers in their BRAS. Currently, we are
implementing PPPoE with AAA on our Redback SE's and Cisco boxes. As
our subscriber base grows and grows, management of user logins,
passwords, password resets, password changes are getting really huge.
Some customers also complains about the method of logging in, asking
for an easier way to do it or dump logins altogether. We're looking
at DHCP/CLIPS for Redback but haven't really tested it since it
requires a new license for it. For Cisco, we've been empty so far in
looking for a solution wherein we still have accounting and
rate-limiting on subscriber vc's.

how are network operators in your areas do it? DHCP? if i do DHCP,
will i still have the flexibility of sending a radius reply attribute
so i could rate-limit the subscribers speed? or still offer speed on
demand via radius/time-based upgrade of their rate-limits during
off-peak hours?

thank you for any insights that you may share.