DSL\POTS Testing Equipment

We’ve got an EXFO Colt-250 and an EXFO CableSHARK P3. They’re 10 - 15 years old, but as far as I know they work. Practically, what am I missing out on by not getting a newer tester?

I’d like the CableSHARK’s features in a smaller unit, but it seems like we’re looking at a minimum of $2k to get something that does that.

VeEx VePAL isn’t a bad unit. Touchscreen with flip screen protector, fairly rugged, rechargable battery, test results can be saved to USB I believe, fairly quick to boot up. I have the ADSL2+ version, but I think they make a VDSL version. It has no VOM functions though, so I separately use a Sidekick T&N analog test unit. I got the VePAL used on eBay, even though the unit was practically new. I’m told the JDSU units are pretty nice and those can include VOM functions so that might eliminate the Sidekick. They have interchangeable modules so that might be worth the investment, so you can test copper, fiber, and coax stuff you need it. When I did contract work for a CLEC, I liked to use the same test equipment as the LEC. So their technicians couldn’t point any fingers and proof of circuit issues was in front of their face.