DSL Operators Mailing List?

Is there a good mailing list for DSL operators? A cursory search really only came up with DSL Reports, which is far from what I'm looking for.

Hi Mike,

I only know of the https://puck.nether.net/mailman/listinfo/cisco-bba
list. It is Cisco specific list and very low volume (see the archives)
however, people might not mind you talking about DSL operations in
general as long as it isn't specific to another vendor.



Lots of people on this list have DSL experience. What are you looking for?

Nothing specific at this time, just always on the look out for appropriate venues for discussion. The more generic the question, the more I'd rather lurk to get an answer vs. posting about it and I haven't seen too many (any?) on DSL lately.

I made a Facebook group for xLEC-related things.


(Not useful for those of us not on Facebook.)


Then don't participate and move on?

In other words, status quo ante?