DS-3 test equipment

I've searched the archives and find some hits on DS-1 test gear, but I'm
looking for opinions/experience with DS-3 test gear.

We've started bringing up more DS-3 circuits, both directly to customers and
also for Frame/ATM/DSL aggregation. Telco used to do all provisioning and
testing for us, but we are looking to be able to more troubleshooting

Any recommended gear for basic functional testing (clock, loop, insert
patterns and errors)? It would be nice if the test gear could do T-1 testing, too.

I'm seeing a fair number of hits on eBay for TTC/Acterna gear, but I don't
know what I'm looking at/for. I've done BERT testing many lifetimes ago, but
don't have any current knowledge/experience.


Replying with responses to my own post:

The overwhelming response was TTC/Acterna T-Berd with a couple of Digitial
Lightwaves thrown in, plus a hit each for Anritsu and Sunset.

Thanks for all the information.