Pekka and I have been discussing the impact of ingress filters on multihomed networks - which may be ISPs or edge networks, and may have an arbitrary number of upstream ISPs.

We wonder what your thoughts might be regarding http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-savola-bcp38-multihoming-update-00.txt. With your concurrence, we would like to recommend it for BCP status, as an update to BCP 38. Our questions are at two levels: philosophical and at the detail level. If you have significant comments calling for a change of text, it would help us if you proposed text.

A quick run through show some section which are not correct and do not match
some of the operational practice where BCP 38 is applied. I would offer to
go off with Pekka and re-work some of these sections.

The fact is that BCP 38 deployment is on the rise - including BCP 38
techniques with multihomed customers where traffic is asymmetrical. So this
document needs to detail the techniques that are working, point out the
misconceptions, and recommend a conservative deployment path for providers
and customers.