Please take a look at draft-iana-ipv4-examples. This draft discusses the
following subnet allocations:

- (TEST-NET-1)
- (TEST-NET-2)
- (TEST-NET-3)

RFC 1166 allocates TEST-NET-1 for use in documentation. Because the
other two have been used in documentation, the current draft proposes
allocating them, too.

There has been some discussion of this on the IETF general mailing list.
If you care about this issue, please visit the mailing list archive and
check out the thread "Re: Last Call: draft-iana-ipv4-examples (IPv4
Address Blocks Reserved for Documentation) to Informational RFC".


thats not exactly the case Ron. and were both recently passed to the IANA from APNIC for the specific purpose of having some diverse address blocks reserved for documentation to assist document writers. They are "new" blocks, in terms of a proposed designation for documentation use. The problem being encountered was that it was difficult to construct realistic network examples using only a single /24 and the request made by the document authors was to add a couple of diverse /24's to the pool to help out here.