Draft Agenda for NANOG 34

Here is the draft agenda for the upcoming NANOG 34 meeting
in Seattle. This is subject to change; we expect to have
the final agenda posted early next week.

  Steve Feldman
  interim program chair

                           Draft Agenda, NANOG 34
                             Seattle, May 15-17

Sunday Tutorials/BOF

There was an error in the draft agenda posted earlier today.

The correct list of panelists for the Internet Exchange
Operator Panel is:

    Chris Malayter, TDS Telecom, moderator
    Mike Hughes, LINX
    Dave Meyer, OregonIX
    Tom Bechly, MCI/MAE
    Troy Davis, SIX
    Celeste Anderson, Pacific Wave

The full corrected draft agenda is available at:

  Steve Feldman
  interim program chair