download speed very fast.

Hi all

Do you know about sppedboost?

Why it can suddenly burst to higher transfer rate from first 10M

Can you share what equipment behinds to make it work?

eg: cisco, juniper?

Thank you so much

I don't know about hardware, but as I understand it from some
colleagues Speedboost uses a HFSC-based queuing mechanism on the


It's essentially a 2 token bucket system. We implement based on the rate plan given via our DHCP server for residential customers, but it can be implemented using QoS on any router. Most DHCP server platforms offer it, and it is written into the configuration file downloaded by a cable modem.


Brian A . Rettke


     Depending on the kind of access gear being used there are different methods for making this work. This kind of technology is most commonly deployed on DOCSIS cable systems, for example Comcast has this trademarked as PowerBoost and they have done a ton of marketing around it. You can implement this kind of temporary speed boosting for cable systems on several CMTS brands (I know Cisco and Arris) and its probably possible for any CMTS that is certified for D2 or better. I haven't found a certified modem that couldn't handle that side of things.

In addition to the CMTS configuration, added to the CM configuration file
are a two parameters that describe how much more bandwidth (peak rate) and
how many more bytes (burst size). More here on Cisco's implementation: