Dorian Kim: Dec 6, 1973 - Feb 25, 2022

Dorian was instrumental to NANOG behind the scenes, helping the board and NewNOG. His enthusiasm and support for sponsorship truly helped NANOG succeed in the early years.

For example: NTT Communications Renews Long-Standing Support to NANOG Community | Business Wire

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Dorian and I met when he was at OARnet and he became one of the isp-geeks. We were young and foolish and he volunteered to help test a new forwarding table implementation. Dorian was the only tester and the code was very fresh, so as you might imagine, he found lots of painful bugs. He churned through them, smiling and laughing the entire time. The more ridiculous the bug, the bigger the laugh he got out of it. I would tease him about still being wet behind the ears and he’d tease me back, calling me ‘dad’. And then he’d go out for a smoke and all would be right with the world. Dorian was always there with a calm, peaceful, and philosophical kind word, even when he was ranting about the latest of catastrophic injustices or insisting on Yet Another Feature. I will miss my ‘son’.

-Tony Li

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My lasting memories of Dorian start with how bright, thoughtful and kind he was. He always made people feel included, and in my case he always made me (and my wife Susie) feel like we were part of the crew. And in addition to all of our discussions about Internet technology, he also taught me a lot about the business side of the Internet, and about life in general. He will be missed.

-David Meyer

Dorian Kim was involved in NANOG since the earliest days, going back to the NSFNet/Joint Techs meetings, the discussions about the core of the internet being ATM and the AGS+ devices that provided some of the early sharp edges and drew blood from the engineers that worked on them. He was instrumental to NANOG behind the scenes, helping Betty Burke and the early Steering Committee and NewNOG board that preceded the now current NANOG board. He was critical to NTT being one of the early sponsors of the independence from Merit and the Platinum sponsorship tier history reflects that early support in funding that helped secure the transition to what the community is today. While he shied away from presenting and posting publicly, his mentorship and guidance has shaped the industry to this day. His presence and guidance will be missed by many, from the smoking area where he would dispense wisdom to the hallway conversations and support that will shape the industry for many years to come.

To our friend and community supporter, we will all miss you.

-Jared Mauch

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Those of us that were lucky enough to have known Dorian, know that he was the truest definition of a friend. He wouldn’t have taken his tailored shirt off to help you, but he would have bought you your own. He was a staple in the community and did so much behind the scenes to steer the industry to where we are today. I miss him everyday. He would have hated this. Rest well my friend.

-Chris White

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