Don't forget digest readers

Leo wrote;

Equally, while I don't like the practice, if you haven't configured
your mailer to show you text/plain over text/html (assuming you
dislike html mail) in a multipart/alternative message then you're
also behind the times. Don't complain about HTML mail when someone
is also sending you text, just because you're too backwards to
display it.

As someone who picks up the list in digest format, and with all
the wonderful email threads, including this one, who can blame
me, it would be nice to lose the HTML mail.

Of course in digest format the PGP sigs are no problem.

The failure to clip unneeded text, including frequently whole
messages ala OEs 'out of the box' quoting style, would get many
Nanog poster flamed in another forum.

It is probably best to treat mailing lists, much like Usenet
text only group IMHO, and for much the same reasons.

I think Leo's comment on MIME are appropriate for general email.

I abandoned OE when I discovered the security settings for email
didn't work - long ago fixed I'm sure, but when the gui and the
functionality diverge in such an extreme fashion you lose all
confidence in the software vendor.