Don't email clients have a kill file?

At the risk of starting an off topic discussion here, but am I the only
one who'd like to see more plonks and less troll feeding?

I miss Usenet.


Bjørn, aren’t you the person that enjoyed with a popcorn in the first “The Ronald Show” when Ronald Guilmette spread proof-less lies with antisemitism phrases ?

Yes! that’s you:

Thunderbird, when I used it, did not have an easy way to implement a kill file for Usenet. With email, you can use a filter, but that's still not an efficient killfile.

I tend to read email with EMACS/VM. It has a 'k' command which kills
(marks deleted) every message with the same subject as the current
message being viewed.

For those on Google Mail, enable keyboard shortcuts and hit 'm' to
mute a thread. Cheers.

Hi Bjørn,

With gmail, the message drop-down menu has both a "block sender" and a
"filter messages like this."

Personally, I think using it on a mailing list is a mistake. If you
don't want to read a thread, just don't open the thread. Let your eyes
wander past the line of subject and preview text on the off chance you
might want to look at it and then don't. It's not healthy to
completely isolate yourself from being aware of contrary opinion. That
lets nasty surprises sneak up on you.

Bill Herrin

I tend to read email with EMACS/VM.

fwiw, i moved from VM to Wanderlust a dozen years ago; if i remember
aright, for better imap support. both have kill thread in current
messages. neither remembers the kill order for newly received msgs a
la nn et alia.


Looks cool, I'll check it out, thanks!