Don't call registry off the map?

Can anyone reach Seems to be off the map...

I guess this is just the publics way of inviting the DMA(Direct Marketing
Association) to re-evaulate their assertions that the majority of the
populace enjoys receiving telemarketing calls...

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Everything's fun and games until somebody posts to Slashdot...


But then, the site loads very quickly for me now.

I have an important question, and I know NANOG isn't quite the perfect
place for it, but this is an issue that possibly affects many of you, and
isn't addressed on their site.

I don't currently get soliciting calls on my cell phone. My cell phone is
my only phone. If I sign up for the donotcall list, will that just enable
the exempt organizations to harvest my number to call me?

I'm not so sure I should sign up.


Making a telemarketing call to a cellphone is already illegal. I think it's under the
same law that forbids junk faxes.


I was able to get the main page around 8am EDT...but even then it was very
slow. I entered 3 phone numbers and tried to submit, but it would not
accept the connection for my form post. I retried many times around 8am,
and again just now, and finally got to steps two and three a few minutes
before 1pm. I heard from a few people who got all the way to step three
before 8am EDT, but noone had received the email yet.

My understanding is that it is completely illegal to place unsolicited
telephone marketing calls to cell phones, period.

The reason being, that by calling your cell phone, they incur a monetary
const to you, the receiver of the call - which doesn't happen when they
call your home phone number.

- d.

According to fox News the site is getting over 125 sign ups a second,
these are sign ups not hits, I'd imagine the site is a bit busy.