Domain Rant.

Whether or not InterNIC feels like putting people who haven't
paid on hold, doing so to people who have paid is completely
irresponsible. Despite having cancelled check literally in hand,
I'm on hold. I got a notice 10 days ago and sent them a response
that i had the cancelled check. TODAY, they put me on hold and said
"sorry, we have no record of this, please send us the check
date and details" rather than ask me that first and then
put me on hold if I couldn't provide them.

I will be lobbying to have InterNICs contract voided immediately
for failure to keep proper records and act in a responsible
manner with its fee operations if this goes on. The "is registry
something that is charged for" debate is one thing, but gross
mismanagement is another.

-george william herbert

They seem to have a few technical problems there today. Their whois
servers are no longer returning contact info for domains and the
webserver for is down.

Michael Dillon - Internet & ISP Consulting
Memra Software Inc. - Fax: +1-250-546-3049 - E-mail:

Yes, we have to do something about it. Recently, I have seen
several large ISPs got affected by Internic.

I know for sure that both and are
putting on hold, despite the fact that already
paid and our check was cashed 2 days before they put us
on hold.

You just cannot imagine how many our customers are getting
affected. CRL, Aimnet, and Internex likes are major ISPs with
hundred and thousands of corporate customers using their

George, we are fully behind you on this.

Hong Chen 408-567-3800 (tel) 408-567-0990 (fax)

Its time to move on to eDNS folks.

Give YOURSELF a choice when someone does this kind of thing to you.

Would you tolerate no options in who you buy connectivity and hardware from?
No? Then why do you tolerate it in the DNS business?

I too have been affected by this. After paying for domain names months
The internic is telling me that they didn't receive payment.
This is down right incompetant to say the least. People pay their money
and then the burden of proof is on THEM? This is total Bulls*it.

          Geoff White
          Virtual Sites

The choice you are referring to is which monopoly will control the
name the user rents, rather that ensuring that there are alternatives which
can support the SAME name.


Add us to the list of 'paid and put on hold'. We host, which
recently had the same thing happen. You can guess what a burden it was to
finally get matters resolved.


Actually, its been rather interesting. Talk about opportune times for
the domain to disappear. I've been hanging out in New York, trying to
get at my email when all of a sudden the domain disappeared. Its been
rather interesting trying to keep up on events once the domain disappears.
I don't even know how much email bounced back as "undeliverable, no such
address" to sites that have also automatically removed me from mailing
lists and the like. In some cases, news had some interesting issues
when the names disappeared. *SIGH*

Mistakes happen I suppose, however these are rather expensive... You
can't believe how expensive they can cost you...

I would like to have as part of the whois process to be able to look
at the account balance and last check reciept so that I at least can
tell if the InterNIC is about to screw up on myself or a customer.
The burden of proof on me however is definately unacceptable, but
barring a long lawsuit and the like, I'd at least like to be able to
see what their records on me or my customers look like.

     (o o)
Marcos R. Della Senior Engineering Project Consultant

   I have had the same thing happen to me, but unfortunately it was on a
credit card, and having processed so many domains on that card, I am
unable to prove which domain it was, that didn't stop them from holding
the domain. My customer had to be up with thousands of dollars worth of
marketing collateral already printed. So we paid again. Please keep me
informed of ideas to solve the problem. I will think on it as well.
Robert Evans
GETtheNET, Inc.
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I really believe that the Internet is to the point where a
possible law suit will be brought up by someone.

I just checked, the internet service of Chunghwa
Telecom of Taiwan, who has close to half million users using
the, are put on hold.

No wonder I can not send email to them. is similar to ATT Worldnet, and it is beyond my belief
that Internic is in the process of shutting the Internet down.

Hong Chen 408-567-3800 (tel) 408-567-0990 (fax)

My customer had to be up with thousands of dollars worth of
   marketing collateral already printed. So we paid again.

Add me to the list of people who have paid twice to alleviate a
service interruption in progress.