Domain names going on hold for non-payment (fwd)

Resent-Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 23:55:52 -0700 (MST)

The really amazing part is that the second 2 messages list domains I've
never heard of, and which none of my DNS servers are listed with (I did
whois's on a bunch just to see if some luser had registered with my DNS
servers without telling me...wouldn't be the first time). The last of
these messages lists more than 3 dozen domains I've never heard of and
don't give a damn about. I just wonder if the true owners have been

That's pretty bad! But get this! I've got 4 or 5 domains registered for
a client of ours whose name is Garry Lee (that's not the funny part).
When they were registered, particular attention was paid to the spelling
of his name since there were already a couple of Garry Lee's, and
thereafter we ensured that we were using the right internic 'handle' to
register him as the admin/billing contact.

At some point, all of these domains were suddenly owned by Gary Lee (note
the spelling) in Montreal. It was THAT Gary Lee who was receiving all the
"you better pay up" notices, and THAT Gary Lee who responsed the first few
times to say that they had the wrong person, and had better get their
facts straight.

Then, on their 5-day notice, they send me, the tech contact, a warning,
saying that Gary Lee in Montreal hadn't paid, etc, etc. After playing
phone tag with the morons at InterNIC for close to a month (at least they
gave us some leeway here), payment was finally arranged by the right Garry
Lee with his Visa.

NOW, however, *I* am listed as all three contacts for each of Garry's
domains, **AND** they still put the domains on hold. I just about give up
with these fuckwits. With the amount they receive in revenue, they can
afford to throw people at the problem. They don't need to be rocket
scientists, either. Any neanderthal can answer the phone and read what
they see on the screen, and even update it if they need to. Don't these
assholes realize that a lot of people are *depending* on these domain
names to make their *living*?

Jesus, I just looked, and now they have only ONE Garry Lee, and he's in
San Jose, CA, not Calgary Alberta... Oh well, more mess for me to clean