Domain names going on hold for non-payment (fwd)

Resent-Date: Sun, 23 Mar 1997 22:31:52 -0700 (MST)

I just got 4 messages from with the subject:
Domain names going on hold for non-payment
It should really be read as:
You thought we had our heads up our asses before? You aint seen nuthin yet.

Of the domains listed, many in the first 2 messages were valid past due
domains waiting to expire. However, I have confirmation from clients that
at least 2 listed domains are paid up to date, and should not be in the
remove queue.

The really amazing part is that the second 2 messages list domains I've
never heard of, and which none of my DNS servers are listed with (I did
whois's on a bunch just to see if some luser had registered with my DNS
servers without telling me...wouldn't be the first time). The last of
these messages lists more than 3 dozen domains I've never heard of and
don't give a damn about. I just wonder if the true owners have been

The odd thing is all of these that I checked are registered to
organizations in France and England.