Domain names for ISP infrastructure links

That may sound silly, but there's a merit in the
idea that domain names can successfully replace the
SNMP's object IDs. SNMP and DNS then become the same

In fact, all protocols requiring exchange of some request
and getting some reply from a uniquely named object can
be made a particular case of a generic protocol. There's
no reason for Internet to be a hodge-podge of specialized
kludges. In most cases, it only takes an ability for DNS
to "hand off" the continuation of name resolution to
application programs.

See -- i don't think everything Plan 9-ish is pure crap.


No... we're going to mandate OID-style router names
for the world's Internet providers:

  <isoc-tree>.<internet-infrastructure branch>.
  <iso country code>.<city ordinal>.<provider #>.
  <facility #>.<rack #>.<shelf #>.<router ordinal>

Great fun to watch (it could be happening this way
in the alternate universe next door.)


Cool. I can now dream of a day when nslookup for a router returns something
lovely like:

-dorian :wink: