Domain Name NASA.COM

Here we go with the InterNIC.

I've been a longstanding cheerleader for the NIC, but I have to put all of
that aside on this one.

Today, without notice, the InterNIC turned "off" the domain name NASA.COM,
a domain which had been registered now for over two years.

In the letter that follows, the InterNIC claims that the registration of
NASA.COM violates the Space Act of 1958. The Space Act of 1958,
which is found at ,

current status as of 97/07/12 09:56 am:

mail# whois
The Epicenter Network (NASA2-DOM)
   1344 Broadway, Suite 211
   Hewlett, New York 11557

   Domain Name: NASA.COM
   Domain Status: On Hold

   Record last updated on 11-Jul-97.
   Record created on 22-Jun-95.
   Database last updated on 12-Jul-97 04:23:14 EDT.

   Domain servers in listed order:

   NS2.HOST.NET is reachable.

Jamie Rishaw wrote:

Here we go with the InterNIC.


Where else is this being discussed? I would like to comment but do not
wish to cause offense by doing it here. Also, was this action pursuant
to a court order or simply without color of law?

Eric Weisberg, Gen. Counsel
Internet Texoma, Inc.
The ISP which DIDN'T