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It is unclear why Neal Lane was moved, but letters
from him about Linda Sundro's activities show that
he was not cooperative with her attempts to figure
out what was going on.

What his lack of cooperation shows is that Lane understood the legislative
manadate of NSF was not to become a tax collection agency.

For the record...Gordon confirms that
Linda Sundro did not know what she
was doing. Gordon does not mention
where she obtained her information
that she used to develop her misguided
plan. Gordon also does not address
the fact that Neal Lane was not helpful
to Linda Sundro to get it right. Gordon
seems to imply that left to his own
decision-making Neal Lane would get
it right. Gordon fails to point out that
Neal Lane WAS the one making the
decisions, not Linda Sundro. I suppose
this means that Gordon is happy with
the decisions that were made and is
now more happy that Neal Lane, the
decision-maker had moved to the
White House to continue making

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