Domain fees to rise...


Recently, the Director of the NSF has been replaced.
The former Director, Neal Lane has supposedly
been moved to the White House to an office that
sounds similar to the role that Ira Magaziner has.

uh....Jimmy, the job is called Science Adviser to the President. Lane
directs OSTP...the job that jack Gibbons used to have.

Does that mean that Ira Magaziner reports
to Neal Lane ?

Some people have claimed that the NSF is
what is being replaced by the so-called IANA Inc.
or NewCo. It appears to me that the NSF was
pushed aside long ago by the White House
and the Department of Commerce. It is interesting
that Neal Lane would move to the White House
who now has taken control of the InterNIC.

The White House does not seem to want the job.
It appears that the White Paper will result in
several groups bidding for the InterNIC job.
Maybe the Congress will have to help them
sort out who should get the contracts. One
thing for sure, it does not look like the NSF
will be making any more of those decisions.

Jim Fleming
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