Domain Dissapearances?

"Henry R. Linneweh" <> writes:

Reducing this all to the prime essence, of the problem.
It seems NSI hires data entry operators that lack the
discipline to ask the correct questions for a record update,
and get into personality squabbles, with annoyed customers.

This all could be done by process expediters right at the time
you phone in, to end this year long battle of registration annoyances.

Not quite sure why you got that idea. I changed the domain info
by email template when it moved. I failed to change the contact
info for myself (gwh5) at that time due to oversight on my part.

There was no data entry problem at NSI that I can see, in my case.
There was a problem with them either not sending notifications
(no email received, though Mark Kosters brought up a point in
private that may complicate this and we're researching...)
or sending them to the "wrong" address (the contact, not the
domain address, for snail mail), or both, probably both.

The NSI guy I talked to on the phone was actually ahead of me once
I asked why I might not have gotten the notices, and handled the
problem promptly and curteously, as I stated. The policy problem
of where notifications are being sent, when, and why is another question.

-george william herbert