Domain changer statistics by ASN

As many of you probably know, the replacement nameservers operated on
behalf of the FBI for the Domain Changer Working Group (DCWG) are
scheduled to go down Sunday morning (GMT).

Yesterday, July 4th, was a holiday in the US, and as such the US based
activity hitting the DCWG nameservers was uncharacteristically low. The
numbers seen in the rest of the world were normal.

I'm attaching a report that shows the number of unique ip addresses that
were seen hitting the DCWG nameservers from the 4th based on ASN. If
you control one of the ASNs seen in the list please remind your folks
that these numbers need to come down by Sunday.

if you find this of use, I can regenerate new reports later this
afternoon with data from the 5th.


dcwg-asns-20120704.txt.bz2 (17.4 KB)

A report for a day other than the 4th of July would be very helpful.

We have data going back to November 8, 2011. Generating a report of
over 2,000 ASNs, by day, would be too large an attachment for NANOG.

I'll produce a follow up report in less than 3 hours with data from July
5th. Would that help?


Andrew Fried

July 2nd might be the most accurate. For our customers, July 3rd, 4th, and today have been low volume days because of the holiday. I suspect the same is true for many providers in the USA.

Yeah, I see the singular one for our AS. =) We've know it for some time, but older lady is somewhat reluctant to spend money on getting someone to look at it. I spoke to her today and she has two machines, one new, one old. She's going to turn the old one off and hope that we won't see any more Shadowserver reports for it.