DOJ Opposes ALLTELL petition

Folks, operational value is CALEA compliance. FYI. Note: Randy Bush has
generously contributed cycles to a list at PSG.COM to engage in
lawful intercept discussions (technical/psuedo-legal)
that are off-topic to NANOG.

If enough people indicate interest in a private followup, I'll
summarize and announce back to the list.

The U.S. Department of Justice filed a Statement of Non-Support with the
FCC on August 18, 2004, opposing the February 4, 2004 petition of ALLTEL
Communications, Inc. ("ALLTEL") to extend the CALEA compliance deadline
to January 30, 2006, for its packet-mode communications. Specifically,
DOJ opposes the granting of any further extensions of the CALEA
packet-mode compliance deadline for ALLTEL's "Touch2Talk" push-to-talk

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