does your ISP need more peering?

A nationwide ISP I work with has decided to switch to all-transit, no-peering.
They are interested in finding someone to buy or take over: an AS number,
routers (and in some cases rack space) at MAE ATM East, PAIX Virginia, NYIIX,
AADS NAP, MAE ATM West, and PAIX Palo Alto, along with the existing peering
that is up at those (close to 200 BGP sessions total).

If you're interested, please contact me directly and I will forward your
inquiry in the correct direction. Note that my mailbox is protected by TMDA.

Matthew Kaufman

ps. Please also direct flames about this being non-operational content directly
to me as well... there's just not a lot of lists where names of NAPs and the
concept of existing peers makes sense to anyone.