does the IANA exist

Vince Wolodkin writes:

Perry E. Metzger wrote:
> Vince Wolodkin writes:
> > Well, since IANA works for the US government as a subcontractor on the
> > InterNIC contract, they should care. Or wait, does IANA even exist
> > anymore??? Wasn't their contract already ended?
> Could you quit spewing bullshit in public?

Gee Perry, your shit don't stink. I've never understood your moronic
dual standard where you say NSI is a government contractor and should
therefore be gone in 1998(you don't like NSI), but you turn around and
even though IANA is a part of the SAME contract you want THEM to stay,
because YOU like them.

Vince, the IANA isn't a "contractor". Your saying so is bullshit, pure
and simple.

The IANA is a creature of the IAB. It predates even the current
IAB/IESG structure. It is a slot appointed to manage the various name
and number spaces created by internet standards -- everything from TCP
port numbers to SNMP OID subspaces to domain names. The IANA has been
funded from time to time by the U.S. government but is not a creature
of the U.S. government. It doesn't cease to exist if government
funding ceased to exist -- its written into literally hundreds of
standards RFCs, and literally cannot be done without. The bullshit you
spew about "does it even exist any more" is about the purest feces I
can imagine, especially given the fact that the IANA continues to
issue assigned numbers and the like every day -- even this very
day. Regardless of how the IANA came into being, the IESG/IETF/IAB
recognise its existance and continue to do so -- and so do
international organizations like the ISO and the ITU that have a damn
sight more authority on this than you do.

This being the NANOG group, I'd say that most people here have
personal knowledge of this and aren't going to listen to the Jim
Flemingeque crap you spew on the subject anyway. However, I thought I
ought to mention it just in case.

speaking personally, and not in any official capacity