Does no one monitor the list on weekends?

This spam is ridiculous!

it should be noted that it has been flowing all weekend, and nobody really
complained or even commented on it until this morning.

so, yeah, maybe the list is on auto-pilot, which is totally understandable.

however, all the members seemed to be on auto-pilot as well.

(or maybe enjoying their weekend)


There were people complaining, just it was firmly lodged behind the spam and didn't end up going through until this morning when someone used a plunger on the SMTP server.

No real on-call, shift-work operators here any more :slight_smile:

It's insane to claim this when I sent several e-mails, and tweets to NANOG
this weekend, and even requested an offlist contact from NANOG's upstream.

Complaining was happening. Check the timestamp of the email you replied to as well as the archives: The outbound mail queue was full of spam so the complaints were delivered late

Or used to being ignored at best and banned at worst.