Does anyone know of a martin broadhurst?

He was apparently based in cambridge, but his site is down.

Recently I stumbled across a series of articles by him that were
lovingly illustrative, incredibly clearly well written, and appeared
to use a C library that I don't have, covering a ton of fundamental
algorithms that I would like to have in my toolkit, still, in C,
because that is how I still think.

I first found him whilst I was looking for a binpacking algorithm(s)
and benchmarks for how well they performed on modern hardware. (I am
trying to wedge 40m queues into 16 cores every 10ms)

And then I started reading the rest of his canon: Wow:

Stuff like (hit the archive per above to get these)

really clean avl example:

Anyway, given that the site is down, and he hasnĀ“t posted anything in
a year, I fear he has passed on. I did find an obituary that had about
the right timing in 2021, and he had the neckbeard... Did/does anyone
here know him?