Does any know what type of wireless

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Does any know what type of wireless ethernet will be at NANOG this week?

We will be setting up WaveLAN on both 915MHz and 2.4GHz bands. We will be
using the non-IEEE-802.11 version since we don't have any IEEE-802.11
radios. However, if someone wants to donate one for the duration of the
meeting, I might be able to provide a slot in one of the access points for
it. We will have 12 access points. Two of these are dual-slot access

Let me reprhase what I think Al was trying to say:

  Does anyone have part numbers or vendors where we can call and
order these cards? I've done some poking around at Datacomm
warehouse, and they're clueless.

  Part numbers or something of the sort that we can call up and
say "XXX makes it, their part number is YYY" would be great from
a vendor or two :slight_smile:


  - Jared
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I got mine from
They have the DEC variety.
It did take them a few days to ship, though.