DoD contact

Can anyone recommend a preferred method for contacting the network folks at the DoD ?

It seems they blanket banned large swaths of our upstream provider ( Aptum AS 13768 ) which includes all of our subnets as well.

We can’t connect to any IP that they manage which includes DNS resolution for .mil , mail service, etc.

I tried reaching out ( and Aptum as well ) to from an external address and although the e-mail didn’t bounce, we also didn’t receive any answer for a few days now.

Is there another way to get in touch with them ?


Might not be helpful to everyone here, but if you are American you can go through your US representative. I’ve escalated an issue with a US gov network exactly once for a v6 issue through my senator and I got an email back from the correct team 2 days later, so YMMV.

-Dan Marks