We are servicing more MDU customers that have older buildings. There is no
CAT5E installed, so extremely old phone cable or coaxial TV cable seems to
be our only inside wire options. There is no easy and inexpensive way to
run new cable, so we must deal with what is available.

We are very familiar with the VDSL2 offerings to be able to use the phone
cable, but know nothing about CMTS solutions available.DOCSIS 3.0 capable
modems seem to be much more inexpensive than VDSL2 capable modems.

We are looking for recommendations on small CMTS systems for MDU's. I would
expect we would want at least DOCSIS 3.0 capabilities, and I assume DOCSIS
3.1 is too new and expensive to deploy on a small scale (think 50 to 200
units per property). We would need the full solution to manage and maintain
such an offering.

I was thinking something like this might be a good fit: which is
available new for $4500 online.

For those of you deploying CMTS systems what do you use and recommend?

I am not sure if there is a cable equivalent list to NANOG, but if so
please let me know.


Pico is a decent solution, Harmonic has one too ( As for cable
specific lists, about the closest I know about is the SCTE mailing list.

Scott Helms
Vice President of Technology
(678) 507-5000


While we have never tried it ourselves, an option we've looked at in similar situations are these: (up to 31 endpoints)


Seriously nice solutions...both of them.



Seriously nice solutions...both of them.


So the BEC solution I would assume is just standard MOCA or HPNA based as
it is max 200Mbps, but the Ready-Links solution claims 1Gbps. Has anyone
used the Ready-Links solution? Seem to good to be true.