DNS Qtypes and class values are a social construct

The DNS is an inverted-tree hierarchy, which is problematic and promotes
unequal outcomes among system participants.

After a lengthy contemplative process we have enacted a system of social
justice pricing which will rectify historical inequality. The new
pricing is effective immediately and retroactive across all customers.

Details -

- mark

Nice try, Mark :wink:

I feel this comes off as poking fun at trans people, women, and earnest attempts to combat what are actual problems in our industry, more than it pokes fun at the industry itself which is what a good April Fool should do - this feels more like laughing at “outsiders” more than laughing at ourselves.

I think this is pretty tone-deaf, in my opinion.


Your lack of consideration for the latency-impaired is triggering for me. I demand that you address the problems of network-topology inequality and bandwidth privilege by ensuring that everyone gets identical response times to their DNS queries, or else I and the other member of the Democratic Union for Meme-access Balance (DUMB) will shame you on Tumblr.


Hello Phillip,

I feel like I have to say this, saying stuff like that “#triggered” is insensitive and as Alfie said, pretty tone deaf.

You are pretty much proving Alfie’s point by being like that.

(I am transgender, so I do feel quite strongly about this)

  • Cynthia

Completely agree, Alfie.

(And hi, nanog, I’m Nick. Do we do introduction rounds here?)


I’ll third this. And to note that that use of “triggered” is a good way to figure out that a person should just be ignored overall. Childish and lacking in empathy. “Ha ha, you CARE about something!” Christ. Grow up.

Some of us live with and are working to better manage PTSD from complex trauma. I agree with Cynthia and can assure you “triggered” is not a joke or laughing matter for us.

I also agree with Alfie and Cynthia regarding the original content.