DNS Problems on Saturday Night?

Forgive me for not having more technical information about this issue.
Beginning sometime around 4:00 PM MST on Saturday, I started seeing
horrible slowness on my home Internet connection through Comcast, and I
also noticed that I was seeing numerous timeouts on DNS lookups. At the
same time, a friend of mine who also uses Comcast was seeing the same
thing. Approximately a third of my DNS lookups were timing out.

That alone would be fairly easily explainable. However, our DNS servers
at work also were having a really bad time trying to resolve external
addresses. One server uses a Sprint circuit and the other server uses a
Time Warner Telecom circuit, but they both point to UltraDNS.

This strange behavior continued until roughly 9:00 PM MST and then the
DNS problems cleared up both at home and at work. I haven't seen anyone
else mention it yet but was there some sort of fairly large DNS problem
for a few hours on Saturday? I don't know enough about DNS to know what
form that problem might take. At this point I'm assuming it was just one
of those things but I'm curious to know if the problem was more


I had lots of problems with Comcast DNS over the weekend. The Comcast
network status said some undefined network maintenance was occuring.
When I used a different provider at the same time, I didn't see any
problems. So I just assumed it was the usual Comcast gremlins and
used an alternate provider for a while. By Sunday whatever the network
maintenance or problem was seemed to have cleared up.