DNS issues with tools.ietf.org


Something seems wrong with the DNS of 'tools.ietf.org'.

Can anyone conform?

It works for me.

It works for me.

works for me too but there do appear to be some problems:

And what about this:

dig tools.ietf.org @merlot.levkowetz.com.

; <<>> DiG 9.7.0-P1 <<>> tools.ietf.org @merlot.levkowetz.com.
;; global options: +cmd
;; Got answer:
;; ->>HEADER<<- opcode: QUERY, status: SERVFAIL, id: 33101


Finding name servers for tools.ietf.org in parent zone

Checking serials for tools.ietf.org in:
Query Error: SERVFAIL on merlot.levkowetz.com

Checking zone NS set against parent
Query Error: SERVFAIL on merlot.levkowetz.com

Error: parent has:
  cabernet.levkowetz.com merlot.levkowetz.com

  But tools.ietf.org zone has:
  cabernet.levkowetz.com gamay.levkowetz.com
  grenache.levkowetz.com merlot.levkowetz.com
  shiraz.levkowetz.com zinfandel.levkowetz.com

Also, as others pointed out, there does not seem to be an address for

It's generally a good idea when asking this sort of question -- especially
here on NANOG, which is *not* Junior Varsity -- to present what you *expected*
to see, what you *saw*, and why you think that implies breakage outside your

Let me refer you to:




which are the two standard reference works on the meta-topic here at hand.

-- jra

a message of 15 lines which said:

And what about this:

But two name servers, gamay and shiraz still work. So the domain
works, so you can email the hostmaster :slight_smile:

Actually it didn't resolve at all. Even an 'unbound-host -v -d' failed.

But... things seem to be working fine again, at least to the extend that I can reach the website.

I have forwarded this thread to Henrik Levkowetz