dns - golog

We’ve had exactly the same here that led to Golog being implemented. Golog is just a two line patch to bind to redirect ‘NXDOMAIN’ :

;ww.gooooooooregergerger.com. IN A

ww.gooooooooregergerger.com. 10000 IN A XX.XX.XX.XX
ww.gooooooooregergerger.com. 10000 IN TXT “NXDOMAIN”

While we had the same concerns the implementation led to no problems except for a brief round of complaints from users. We did however only issue it to our users and do not preform any lookups from our server base to it. While it’s something I personally don’t like the cut throat DSL market does make it necessary for us to create revenue where ever possible without a major effect on customers and to be honest Golog is one of the lesser evil services of this type I have come across.



Luke Besson wrote: