DNS Flood

Are there any other ISP's who are experiencing DNS floods, specifically I am
looking for traffic destined for (or coming from) the following IPs

It appears someone is running a script that is using these nameservers, as
well as the name servers of other educational facilities, to do a lookup on
mulitple servers in the amplitude of 3-4 a second. This activity has been
happening for the past 3 weeks, we have null routed this traffic on our
backbone, but it still shows up in Cache flow.

This traffic actually saturated our customer's pipe as well as increased the
load on our backbone router.

If anyone has seen anything at all like that, (specifically people from
UU.net or AT&T Worldnet) please lets band together and find the person doing

Jamie D. | noc@cerf.net
AT&T CERFnet| Network Analyst
1-888-237-3638 opt 2 opt 2

Resolved to inspire3d.com
Resolved to Lets.lepak.net
Resolved to turing.une.edu.au
Unable to resolve
Netblock: -
Maintainer: DHHC
Resolved to cardassian.keysdigital.com
Unable to resolve 203.251.77
inetnum: -
netname: KORNET
descr: Korea Telecom

"Jamie D." wrote: