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What nameserver and version are you running?
  What options do you have turned on in the nameserver?
  What firewall settings do you have? Do you allow fragments

Bind 9.4.2
-------------- named.conf options -----------------------------
options {
         directory "/var/named"; // sets root dir, use full path to escape
         statistics-file "/var/named/named.stats"; // stats are your friend
         dump-file "/var/named/named.dump";
         zone-statistics yes;
         allow-recursion {;; }; // allow recursive lookups
         allow-transfer { none; }; // allow transfers to these IP's
         notify no; // dont notify the above IP's when a zone is updated, since we are a slave server
         pid-file "/var/run/named/named.pid";
         transfer-format many-answers; // Generates more efficient zone transfers
         listen-on { any; };
// Include logging config file
include "/var/named/conf/logging.conf";

// Include to ACLs
include "/var/named/conf/acls.conf";

// Include TSIG Keys
include "/etc/bind/keys.conf";