DNS Dinner at NANOG 88 for the DNS Affinity Group

I’d like to meet up with some DNS folks at NANOG 88 In Seattle. I am thinking of an offsite venue with dinner as opposed to appetizers & up to 10 people including current OARC Members & friends.

Hit me up if you are planing on being in Seattle for NANOG 88 in June.

Steve Sullivan

Hi Steve,

I plan to attend NANOG88 and open for an DNS (OARC) meetup/dinner.



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Cool Nic. Glad you will be there. I will PM you with details once i have them.

@nleymann - looks like Sunday June 11 is going to be the best day. We can eat, chat and even get a reasonable nights sleep & be fresh for NANOG on Monday!

Hi Steve, I will be at NANOG 88 as well. I don’t want to constrain your DNS dinner at all, but if it happens that you pick a place where a vegetarian can eat, I would join you-all…

Vicky Risk

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Sunday looks good. Just let me know time and place and I will be there.