DNS availability

Perhaps instead of snaping [sic] back with elitist, your [sic] so

    > clueless banter, how about someone explain for us how if abovenet
    > (were [sic] their servers are) goes down how they deal with it.
I don't have any reason to assume that they have servers in AboveNet's
physical space. You may know more about it than I do. A quick look shows
that they've got _services_ advertised from two different /24s, both of
which are being advertised _through_ both AboveNet's and Exodus' ASes. It
seems likely that those _services_ are being advertised from _servers_
which are located at AboveNet and Exodus facilities, however they may be
locating their _servers_ at exchange points, as Nominum does, rather than
in colos. Taking a quick look in Route-Views, I don't see that they have
any peering, so that doesn't help us discern whether they're in colo or
exchange facilities. They have servers hanging off both AboveNet's DC and
SJ routing hubs, and one presumes that they're doing the same sort of
geographic diversity thing with Exodus. Perhaps if you look at their web
site they have a map of where their servers are, or perhaps not.

So in short, it's pretty unlikely that anyone other than UltraDNS would
ever know if their AboveNet connectivity went away.