DNS anycast considered harmful (was: .ORG problems this evening)

BGP is really bad at. DNS servers on the other hand track RTTs for
query responses

BIND does it but what about Microsoft cache/forwarder? At RIPE 45 (you
were there),

Was I???

a talk by people at CAIDA showed that A.root-servers.net
received twice as much traffic as the other root name servers since it
is just the first one listed...

That's not good. But not an excuse. If MS is unable to fix this (how long did it take them to retire the FAT filesystem that was considered prehistoric by the late 1980s again?), BIND runs under Windows too...

(but I hope they're smart enough to keep some non-anycasted root
servers around),

Who is "they"?

Not sure. :slight_smile:

Since there is no top Root Nameservers Authority, every
root nameserver manager decides for himself (I assume they coordinate
but I'm not sure and it's not the same thing). Unlike a TLD, there is
no central decision for management of the root's name servers. So they
can all decide independently to anycast.

Diversity is a good thing. But who to the root operators answer to anyway? Not to ICANN, I'm told.