Disney+ contacts or geolocation ideas

I’m looking for a technical contact at Disney regarding geo-location. I have a client (apartment building) with a /24 (one IP per apartment). We recently upgraded out Internet connection to give a much-needed speed boost. Same connectivity provider, same IP addresses, just a bigger pipe.

Since then, a while bunch of people have been unable to get to Disney+, while some can. Those that fail have existing D+ subscriptions, and get “error code 73”, which allegedly relates to location and rights management.

The bandwidth provider has checked DNS, reverse DNS and contacted Disney, to no avail. WhoIS shows it as being in Toronto, Canada.

Meanwhile, there is a lynch mob forming, and a scaffold being built in the parking lot :-).

Any pointers on how to find someone at Disney with clue, who will be able to tickle their geolocation databane.

The really irritating part is that everything worked until we had the bandwidth upgrade.

I forwarded your message to the appropriate resource.

hope this helps,


Disney+: E-mail them the trouble subnet at netadmin@disneystreaming.com