discussing how to stop hacking is hacking which is now racketeering


Therefore, immediate end of this thread? Are all subscribers to this list now
to be inconvenienced at airports? (Sorry, my bad.)

Do we all need a CCNP Security-multipass to log into IRC now? Which channels
are now a good idea to avoid? #linux? #bitcoin? #nanog? #obamasucks?
#blacklivesmatter? (in Canada #idlenomore is similar and equally targetted by
Palantir/Tempests as the latter was).

What constitutes racketeering in 'communication'? Membership on a mailing list
or just reading a webpage?

[ This week I was investigating a colleague's website, so I ran dig(1) in a
bash terminal in putty - she saw a text terminal, and exclaimed "Wait, stop, are
you hacking my website?!" I blame Sandra Bullock and to a lesser extent Carrie
Ann Moss (and the nmap crew, esp. for using actually-plausible toolsets/techniques). ]

This is an age old game, but the ante has just been upped. Our industry should
respond to this.


One has to wonder how any of this applies to the 'countries that hack'
accusations that the FBI/CIA/NSA have always laid claim to.

-Jim P.

You mean the credits page for Stuxnet?


I do mean any and nearly everything the USG has told us about how evil
hackers reside in RU, CN, and DPRK and prey on Mil computers.

-Jim P.