DirecTV Now Geolocation Contact

Are there any DirecTV Now contacts on-list? We are having geolocation
trouble with a well established ip range.

Hey Dan, just an FYI we had a client indicate issues with previously working DirecTV service suddenly stop working last month because DirecTV was geolocating their customer to the wrong state. There was some errant whois information likely to blame for this, but the WHOIS information had been unchanged for years. Seems like DirecTV may have changed their geolocation provider or their granularity (locating to city or state level rather than country/region).


We heard from a customer that it was working great then their locals stopped working because Directv said they were out of market. Of course we didn’t change anything and it was normal on our end.

Since it’s not our service and everything except their locals was working, we told them to escalate to Directv and we haven’t heard back. Not sure if it’s fixed or not.

Did you get any resolution to this? I have a customer that has had their /21 since April of 2008. DirecTV Now is claiming the location is incorrect.

I have gone through what few links there are on the old Cluepon site.