DirecTV Now contact

Our eyeball network is consistently having some streaming issues(buffering)
with DirecTV now. Our main recourse is to sell them on youtube TV and
netflix. fixes the issue, no more complaints from our customers. Issues
mainly occur during peak times and even on 300+mbps low latency/jitter
However, if someone from DirecTV could contact me off list and we can debug
this issue so that we don't have to keep pulling people to other services
that would be great.
Alternatively, if anyone could suggest with whom to peer to reduce the
impact of this issue, that would be great.
A solution that would be even better is if someone from Youtube TV would
contact us off list and we can set up something commissioned based for all
the good things we say about your service, and of course give our tech
support people a reason to not be frustrated with the calls we receive for
this issue.

Yeah, our eyeball network has problems with DirecTV too.

Would be nice if they were at the various peering exchanges...


Similar experience for us as well.

Joshua Stump
Network Admin

I don't have DirecTV Now. What CDN are they using? Fire up a stream and use Torch to see what IP it's coming from.

Torch is a tool in Mikrotik RouterOS. I recognize those three as likely being familiar with RouterOS, so I sent them that way.

In my testing, I see Directv now coming from akamai. We peer with them
directly and we're only 4ms away and I sometimes still see buffering.

So I'd say there's something more going on. I have no trouble with Netflix,
YouTube, real choice demo.