Director Database Marketing (Herndon VA US)


The WHOIS data is what I don't want being sold.

Why would people buy it ?

You can download the contact data base that not
only has whois info but also the billing contacts
which I think were separated from the basic whois
information. Of course, part of the problem in doing
this is that 30 minutes after you do this the database
is out of date. NSI has a relationship with their
customers which you do not. One may have to look
at this and decide if the relationship is what has the
value or the actual data base. One could argue that
the relationship is where the value is because we
just discussed above that you can get the data but
it is of little use without the customers consenting
to developing a relationship with you. Eventually,
this all ends up in the age old discussion about what
is data and what is information. NSI has the information
and the data. You can obtain the data but not the
information. The information is where the value is.
People WILL pay for information.

Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation -
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