Director Database Marketing (Herndon VA US)

Hmm. Here's something interesting from the NSI prospectus regarding the PG
Media whoha:

That's my contention. But the big question is: do we differentiate between
WHOIS data and the actual domains? I think NSI claims that the WHOIS data
is theirs, regardless of whether the domains themselves belong to them or
the public.

The WHOIS data is what I don't want being sold.

Presumably, by such a direction, the NSF is exercising control over its own
records... Seemingly, one would not exercise control over private


Another point, perhaps, that these are government records and not private

Mumble. There is no particular reason that these would have to be
government records in order for NSF to direct NSI with respect to
the contents of the root zone. NSI, by the nature of an existing
cooperative agreement, could easily accept such direction.

I will note that there are some rather interesting consequences
to having records classified as "government records" (e.g. FOIA)
and it may actually help put such information directly into the
hands of direct marketing folks. I'm not suggesting that having
NSI believe the database to be corporate property is any better,
only that we face a non-trivial situation here.