Directed Broadcast~ Petition


If you don't care about the 'directed broadcasts' thread hit 'd' now :slight_smile:

  Please excuse the interruption from real work, but as it stands
I have a whopping 12 entries including myself on the petition.
One of which is a dup due to a TLD association. If there are more
of you who would like to be added to the petition to get a
"no directed broadcast" as default action to Cisco IOS and other
vendor equipment please respond *asap*. Given that there are 4K+
ISPs and NSPs my guess is that we ought to be able to come up with
50-100 names. I would like to get this off to Cisco before I leave
for the other coast for a week.

Please supply in the format as follows:

Your Name, Full Company Name, email



Peter E. Giza
ADSmart Corporation