Digital's XP

>Stephen (architect of the Digital Internet Exchange - Palo Alto)

DIEPA? :slight_smile:

Sorry, David, but Kim Claffy scored first on that one - complete with
a proposed pronunciation.

Strangely, the acronym that I've seen used the most in reference to
the site is PAIX. Not that I would say such as thing.

Yes, PAIX (er, Digital Internet Exchange - Palo Alto) is the site
where CIX's router is located.

Dirk who?

Dirk Apnic of Dirk Apnic's Holistic Internet Registry? :slight_smile: The
Adventures of Dirk are just beginning ... I predict that Dirk will
play a key role in uncovering the massive government conspiracy
engineered by the Saucer People in conjunction with the Reverse
Vampires. And you thought the TLD nonsense was bad ...

Stephen (chief bottlewasher and sometime Speaker to BGP Peers)
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Stephen Stuart
Network Systems Laboratory
Digital Equipment Corporation