Digitalocean and recent issues

Hello. I work with digitalocean "droplets" or virtual machines for my home business. While great for running cheap websites and server applications, I have noticed recently that I keep getting issues with my other VPN droplet I setup.
Firstly, I kept getting blocked by google, it claims automated queries. I don't browse google too often..
Also had an issue with outbound mail on another droplet.
Now I'm blocked by...
Can't order a pizza over my VPN.

One might think that there is some virus, but I assure you, there is not, Ive ran tcpdum captures and realtime captures for wireshark, I don't notice any other traffic other then the traffic I initiate by browsing, or doing a few search terms.
And I've always paid for my pizza order!

Is any one else experiencing issues like this? is there something I'm missing, I have no idea but the pizzahut thing has got me very irked.

There is probably a lot of abuse of IP addresses at Digital Ocean, $5 per month and an API is a magnet for that to happen.

I also see droplets rebooting "due to an issue on the underlying physical node where the Droplet runs”. This happened a few times each on 3 different droplets during the last 45 days (all at NY DC).


thank god for comic relief.

- s