Digital SNMP pollable thermometers

If you have APC UPS's, you can add the Measure-UPS unit which does temp,
humidity (I think), and contact closures. You can also add their SNMP
module to the UPS and snag it all, I believe.


I think all of the good sized Cisco routers have (at least one) built in.
But that may not be something you are looking for. I find it real
convenient to decide how to dress for inside a POP though.


I'm sorry if I didn't make it clear, but I was looking for standalone
temperature gages. We already make use of temp gages within equipment
which we monitor closely, but for those POPs that don't have Cisco 7000s,
NFS Toasters, or SNMP pollable APC units we're looking for something to
fill the gap. Its also nice to be able to take a reading from a number of
locations within a POP to get a sense of airflow conditions.